"Laura Carbone returns to the stage after more than a year in a setting of intimacy, appreciation, and optimism."

Liv Toekel for Nothing but Hope and Passion

Early 2021 I received the offer to curate a festival in Berlin.

The name and its intention came to me instantly. 

“I wanted the festival to be open to everybody. As an introvert and a highly sensitive person, I was not sure how well I would cope with having a lot of people on one space again. It can be quite overwhelming. That is why I wanted the festival to be small and a gentle reentry into events like these.”

So I asked my friends to join me to create a summer nights dream. And I feel honored they followed my invite.

Cosmic Dreaming is inclusive and invites each individual to come to a safe space, following their intuition and to dream away.

Here is a beautiful article by Liv Toekel for Nothing but Hope and Passion that reflects on the evening.

To many more Cosmic Dreaming Festivals.