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Intuitive consulting for businesses

This is an invitation for businesses that are open to receive intuitive guidance for their sustainable and holistic growth.

As Bachelor of Arts I've been working in diverse management positions and am very familiar with the mind oriented planning and executing of strategies.

Leading my own company has given me many experiences that shaped my intrinsic idea of authentic and sustainable leadership.

My intuition and constitution as authentic Generator allows me to look at challenges and the status quo from a more creative angle. Furthermore it invites my empathy and my senses as medium to feel into your specific situation.

The intention I'm following is to not only see your potential but at the same time transforming blockages that keep you away from your vision.


I'm here to serve you with impulses, ideas and creative solutions.

Let me hold your hand, look you into the eyes and do the most scary thing: Listening to your heart to follow your and your company's true purpose.