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As psychic medium I am able to support you whenever you feel stuck, lost or in a depressive phase.

In our sessions I'm able to feel into your energy field and receive information that bring you clarity, support and ease.

It's a pleasure to share my intuitive gifts with you.


"Sound is the medicine of the future" - is what Albert Einstein prognosed. And he's so right. 

Sound therapy is a very relaxing way to bath in frequencies and sounds in order to receive ease.

Our sessions will bring your body, soul and mind clarity and a break from all the noise that is surrounding you.


Join me on Patreon to receive inspiration, gifts, sound therapy sessions and loads of insights into my life as an artist, medium and highly sensitive person.

I'm currently creating my fourth studio record with my band here in Berlin. There are quite some insights into our process of creation.

I'd be so very happy to welcome you there.



Have you ever wondered how your inner ocean looks like?

When I paint for you I'll be asking you for an intention to guide me in the creation of this painting. How shall this painting support you when looking at it. What shall it invite into your physical and mental space.

I'll tune into your energy field and use my gifts as medium to blend the colors to create a high vibrational unique gift just for you.