What is sound healing?

Updated: Apr 4

Many people understand that the healing power of music is indisputable. Despite this, doubt often leads to reluctance in taking advantage of this healing power.

How can music, a composition of frequency, energy and sound, contribute to holistic healing?

What sort of knowledge and especially evidence does one need in order to be open to this accessible form of medicine? And how can frequencies and oscillations our have a sustained influence on our consciousness?


1. The origin of sound healing

2. Explanation of physics terminology

3. Brainwaves and the different states of consciousness

4. Was happens with our system during a sound bath?

5. Instruments in sound healing

6. Crystalline structures

7. Crystals and their effect in sound healing

8. Summary

1. The origin of sound healing

Sound therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing in human history.

The origins of this form of therapy are said to be rooted in Tibet, in the Himalayan mountains, as well as in India and ancient Greece. When we consider the native peoples of North America, Africa and also of Europe, we know that sound, the sound of the drum, the singing bowl, the voice and a variety of other instruments is of immense importance.

They are essential components of rituals, ceremonies and also everyday life. In combination with other instruments and even with our own instrument, the voice, these frequencies generate energy.

Imagine you’re visiting a concert hall. How does the space feel when you enter it, what happens with you and your energy during the concert and how do you feel when you leave at the end? Relieved, electrified, energized, in another vibe? You tell me!

And yes, this is exactly the time for us to examine the meanings of these words you probably know from physics class, and just as probably forgot as soon as the class finished.

One more thing – as someone who grew up with the church I have always been fascinated by the energy in these spaces.

You don’t have to be a medium to realize that these places house a certain oscillation, enhanced by rituals, prayers and singing together.

When people gather with a common intention to sing, meditate, practice their faith or simply just to be there, the energy changes both in the space and in the body emitting the energy.

Disclaimer: I want to expressly distance myself from the church and its work. I only use this example because these places are likely located near those of you who are reading this article, and you can perceive their effect directly, for free, without judgement.

Ready for a little physics?

2. Explanation of physics terminology


“If work is conducted on an object, it increases its energy.”

Physics Plus, 7/8th school grade, Berlin

The human being is an object, an organism, made up of energies categorized as solid material. This means that we can perceive the object, the person and their energies with all of our senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and even taste.

“What we call matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.” Albert Einstein.

Interesting, right? But what if the material is what’s known as “subtle”? Perceiving it with our conventional senses then becomes much more difficult, even though the energy is nevertheless present.

In 1900 Max Plank developed the first formula for describing measured frequency distribution - Planck's law.

This was the initial spark behind quantum physics, which demonstrated that there is an exchange of the tiniest energy packages (later called “quanta”, or “quantum” in the singular) between oscillators (oscillation-capable systems such as the human body) and the electromagnetic field.

Quantum physics was also addressed, researched and developed further by Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger and other super-brains. It can serve as the basis for people who need a quantifiable explanation for the efficacy between energy and frequency, beyond a simple reliance on their senses.


We often hear the word “vibes” used to describe vibrations or oscillations. You’ve probably heard it or even used it yourself in other contexts to describe the subtle positive or negative characteristics of a place or a person.

“Oscillations are described as more or less regularly occurring temporal fluctuations of state functions.” Kurt Magnus, Karl Popp: Oscillations

When an object periodically vibrates with a mechanical oscillation, it transmits a vibration that serves as a signal for conveying information. Interestingly, the term vibration encompasses the direct perception by our senses of this process.

Since our human body is an organism, we are equipped with a variety of receptors that react to periodic mechanical stimuli. In other words, we can recognize and perceive vibration with all of our senses.

Individual sensitivity determines the intensity with which this happens – on this point it’s personally important to me that there is no judgement involved. Perception doesn’t determine the effect of the vibration - Our system, our organism perceives and processes it, even if no directly perceptible stimulus is emitted. I’ll go into more detail on this theory a bit later - Uno momento!

Here’s a fun fact on the side: It’s possible for me to perceive vibrations through my senses of hearing, touch and often even with my sense of sight. This means that I can see the waves coming from things like loudspeakers. At the same time, it’s also possible for me to precisely identify where sounds are coming from, but also to specify their properties.

My neighbors are constantly creating images for me with vibrations that precisely tell me their state of mind when they’re moving around. I can also see what clothes they’re wearing.

In technical jargon this is called synesthesia - or mediumship.

Vibration is also used in classic manual massage. It is equally applied in physical therapy for things like removing mucus from the airways and the larynx. I personally use vibration to “clean” my vocal cords every day with larynx and breathing exercises.


Frequencies are measured in hertz (Hz) to describe the regularity and speed with which repetitions occur in a periodic process, such as an oscillation.

An oscillation/vibration is equivalent to a wave that can be identified in measuring instruments or frequency counters.

In music, standard concert pitch is measured at a frequency of 440Hz. The human heart has a pulse rate frequency of 0.83 – 1.5Hz when the body is in a resting state. Textbooks cite the frequency scale of sound waves and frequencies that the human ear can perceive at a rate ranging between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz from the lowest to the highest.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) however, I maintain that these frequency rates are not universally standard for everyone.

Remember that several of our senses can perceive frequencies.

Also remember that many of the studies and much of the research carried out in the past has been conducted on men, by men. It is entirely possible that feminine perception has simply been neglected in this regard.

Did you know that the earth also has its own quantifiable frequency that is constantly changing? Keyword: Schumann resonances :)

3. Brainwaves and the different states of consciousness

A very vibrant exchange of energy packages also takes place in our brain for the transmission of information via electronic changes of state.

The measurement of brain waves and their activity is possible by means of electroencephalography, probably known to you more commonly as EEG.

Science currently divides the brain’s measurable states of consciousness into 12 different waves.

For our focus on sound healing, let’s have a look at the Alpha waves, Beta waves and Theta waves.

Our intention here is to transition from overthinking and our day-to-day high-performance brain activity into gentler waves for relaxation.

Beta wave

Eyes open and out we go into the world. The Beta wave represents the state of our brain in everyday life and occurs in the frequency range between 13 and 30 Hz. Concentration, strategic thinking and probably the hamster wheel that so many of us have in our brain all run here in top oscillation.

Alpha wave

…describes a mildly relaxed state of consciousness and is identified with a signal in the frequency range between 8 and <13 Hz. It’s helpful in achieving this state to lie down with closed eyes. When you lie down and relax, your brain comes closer to the Alpha wave.

At the same time, creativity can flow in this state – if you’re artistic and in your flow this value can also be measurable when you’re painting, writing, baking, etc.

Young people are also naturally in this state until around the age of 13.

Delta wave

Children aged 0-2 years are primarily in the Delta wave phase, which has a low frequency of 0.1 to <4 Hz.

“Conditioning” and simultaneously important learning elements such as walking, gripping and coordination are learned and processed here.

Theta waves (Trance)

Dream wave – This signal is located in the frequency range between 4 and <8 Hz and takes place when we fully succumb to relaxation.

Interestingly, in a gentle way this state is psychologically normal for toddlers and is a valuable asset for conditioned adults.

This is where creativity lives and where dreams and reality blend. In adults, this state is measured in the REM phase or in trance if the individual is accepting of visions and inspirations and recognizes correlations.

In this frequency range our body automatically activates its self-healing powers, since the system is not distracted or alert.

4. What happens with our system during a sound bath?

If I ask you now to lie down, close your eyes and submit fully to the frequencies, oscillations and sounds, your brain waves automatically slow down.

Now if we add work to the mix - in our case this is the transmission of vibrations and frequencies – your system and therefore your energy are actively influenced. (Think of the Physical Law of Work).

The frequencies directly affect your holistic system. The element water is highly receptive for oscillations and frequencies and for direct resonance with them.

Since our bodies are made of around 70-80% water, it’s no wonder that we can feel a sound healing “working” in every cell.

This supports slowing down your brain waves and accepting the frequency to enter into the Theta mode (trance) after a little while.

In the trance state the body and mind can undergo regeneration, since your high-performance brain is simply allowed to rest.

Yes – even if you’re not a professional mathematician or a highly sensitive person – believe me, your brain is working overtime, all the time. We’re not built to absorb and process the flood of stimuli we are confronted with today – phones, screens, pop-ups – you name it.

In trance, your cells regenerate in a completely natural way and your muscles relax. Processing of stimuli takes place which otherwise has to occur in far less time (while you sleep).

Strengthening of the immune system is another component that can be achieved here. Stress hormones and blood pressure are lowered, which can directly manifest in restful sleep.

During a sound bath people often experience direct physical effects. When the whole body vibrates within itself, blockages are also set into oscillations and can dissolve and be dispensed by the body, frequently in the form of urine, sweat and even tears.

I advise everyone especially to allow the tears that can come during or after the therapy session.

Every tear lightens your load and is part of the processing we can be thankful for.

I personally perceive sound baths in a highly visual way, and I often receive images and visions – practically a short, individual film that shows me what’s being worked on in my system at that moment.

5. Instruments for sound healing

Tibetan singing bowls are probably the first sound healing instruments that come to your mind, and there’s good reason for that. They enjoyed great popularity in the western sound therapy world in the 1980s and were integrated into a variety of rites, ceremonies and healing practices.

Shamanic drums are also used in western sound therapy and outside their actual context. You should be aware that rhythm and drumming have far-reaching effects and should be used with great respect and knowledge.

Personally, I have no experience with using Tibetan singing bowls or shamanic drums, and I am hesitant to appropriate this well-founded traditional work and culture. I’ll leave that with the deepest respect to people with the appropriate background and experience.

The voice

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have been born with a voice that helps you express what’s going on inside of you. Not everyone has the privilege of creating vibrations, tones and sounds through the vocal cords, so if you’re one of the many people anatomically able to do this, be thankful.

Beyond this, not everyone is able to express their inner feelings freely with their own voice. We still to live in a world in which people continue to be systematically oppressed and kept silent. Please be aware that you probably even unconsciously hold yourself back due to your character, upbringing, the patriarchy and your social conditioning. So I want to invite you to be fully aware of just how powerful your own instrument is.

My workshop and the one-on-one session “The Gift of Your Voice” spends a significant amount of time on this: clarification about how we systematically suppress others, but also ourselves. I also show you how you can express your authentic voice.

A voice can create vibrations and fill them with valuable information that can be in the form of words, i.e. text – but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

An intention appears to me to be the most important form of expression, and it can be transmitted with the highest level of efficiency and perceived by the desired recipient.

The voice can touch the recipient and trigger profound emotions and perceptions in them.

Your voice doesn’t have to be formally schooled or trained for this. The point is to use oscillation to transform and authentically articulate the essential intention into a sound.

I want to alleviate any anxiety you might have and tell you clearly that you carry a wonderful instrument inside you, and you don’t have to invest a fortune in material in order to evoke healing in yourself and others.

Imagine someone that you love whispers your name. What happens inside you? How does it feel for you?

6. Crystalline structures

…are characterized by a simple geometrical rule in which every atom and molecule is arranged into an established order, creating a crystal lattice.

This applies to the majority of minerals in the earth’s crust and distinguishes them from materials like wood, glass or plastic.

In the spiritual context, this natural structural order is referenced under the concept of “Sacred Geometry”.

Crystals are created under special conditions consisting of heat, pressure, energy, steam, melt and time. Water is an essential component as the basis.

By the way, the term “crystal” comes from the Greek word κρύσταλλος krýstallos, which means frost, ice, ice cold. It’s no big leap then to understand that crystals also fall silently from the sky – as snow.

The most well-known crystal in our part of the world is probably quartz, featuring properties modern humans have long used and benefited from in daily life. Quartz is found in practically all technological instruments such as radios, laptops, clocks and watches, and in space flight.

The properties of quartz are used in this regard as conductors, vectors, transmitters, as storage and transformers, and even designated as an electronic structural element in oscillators.

Quartz’s oscillation, purity and treatment are important parameters here. The resonant frequency also depends in some small degree on the warmth of the surroundings. The choice of the quartz cut, which depends on the geometrical relation to the crystal axes, is of primary significance here.

What is clear is that crystals are complex objects that not only grow, but which can only selectively reveal their effect when geometrical rules are observed.

7. Crystals and their effect in sound healing

The visionary Hildegard von Bingen was already sharing her findings and knowledge about lithotherapy, AKA crystal therapy, with her world back in the 12th century.

As a female religious priest in a Benedictine monastery in the German city known today as Bingen, her work placed her in great danger, since her entire persona made her highly vulnerable to accusations of witchcraft which culminated in the witch burnings of the day.

She is an icon of medieval feminism whose work also extended to the fields of medicine and natural healing, music, painting and much more.

“God […] allowed neither the radiance nor the powers of the precious stones to dissipate because He wanted them to be appreciated and praised, and to be used as therapeutic aids.”

Hildegard von Bingen

She refers here to two qualities of healing stones – their “radiance” and their “powers”. Specifically, this refers to the oscillations that occur in the stones’ electromagnetic field which can affect other objects.

Despite a lack of research aid assets, she was able to abstract, interpret and use these qualities, and to write the treatise on healing known as the “Heilstein Lexikon".

And again, she did all this back in the 12th century.

Crystal singing bowls

With awareness of the intensity of the healing powers of oscillations and crystals, it’s little wonder that there is great resonance in the combination of the two.

A patented technology is used to create crystal singing bowls from quartz and other crystalline structures, metals or minerals such as amethyst, rose quartz, platinum, palladium, etc.

A unique, highly individualized composition results from the various crystalline components, the size of the resonance body, its sound and therefore its vibration – a kind of alchemy, so to speak.

When the bowl is made to vibrate by striking it with a mallet (or by using the voice to activate it), an intense frequency is generated that can be holistically perceived by the human system. This oscillation also transmits the individual alchemy of the bowl.

Example: Rose quartz

This crystal is frequently used in relation to themes on the spectrum of love. For me, self-love is an essential and very zeitgeist-defining theme in this regard. In our western society, depression is a condition that many people live with. Rose quartz is a crystal that supports the healing process for self-love for me.

In a state of depression, there is not an adequate level of self-love, so this requires special attention. After all, depression is also designated as an autoimmune illness.

Crystal singing bowls in combination with the voice

As a musician and singer, the combination of a crystal singing bowl joined with my voice offers a very special possibility for activating self-healing powers.

In a sound bath, I intuitively feel my way into the recipient’s energy field and follow the individual intuition. This means that the selection of the sound bowls and the transmission of their frequencies takes place in a very free, non-schematic way.

My voice speaks or acts as a guide through the procedure, transmits vibrations in the form of melody and is also led by the power of silence.

In this regard, everything is possible, and nothing is compulsory.

Using my medium skills and intuition, I compose exclusively for you and what your system needs at that moment.

In a one-on-one session, I provide you the space and the possibility to let yourself fall and immerse yourself in the frequency bath.

8. Summary

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

Albert Einstein

The future is now, and not a moment too soon.

Following the collective trauma the world has recently experienced, it is our responsibility to use our privilege to activate the powers of self-healing. In truth, we must use the appropriate framework conditions and the medicine that has proven itself over centuries and is available to us now.

Frequencies and sounds can be perceived holistically and exercise immense influence on our system. Everything is energy that exists in solid form, but also in subtle form.

Energy can be altered through the addition of work – and this addition can come in the form of frequencies. This effect has already been researched and confirmed in quantum physics.

What else do you need to use this universal medicine and to live?

Here is a sound bath from me for you that invites you to experience for yourself the healing of the frequency in combination with the voice.

Enjoy the experiment and let me know how it has affected you.

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