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Sound is my Love Language.

Comprehensible by every being.

It will affect, touch and move you.

Hello 🖤

My name is Laura Carbone, and I founded Cosmic Dreaming in 2021.

As an artist and medium I channel sounds, energies and frequencies, and I process and translate them for you.

As a recording artist, my band and I have toured Europe and North America several times, and I have released three albums and two EPs so far.

I live and work in Berlin and I am grateful to share my passion and knowledge for music with you.

My journey with music, energies and sounds started earlier than I can remember.


My voice is my vent for expressing my authentic essence through frequencies.

For me, this means a natural connection between my inner and outer world. I never had to question this passion and its meaning for me, and I am moved by how deeply I’m allowed to touch people with my abilities.

Intuitive creativity has been hugely important in my past. As a musician, I have been privileged to create and release 4 albums and 2 EPs, I have toured through Europe and North America with an incredibly talented band, and I can look back on wonderful collaborations with inspiring artists.
As a photographer, I have released a book called “Empty Sea - A Journey”, which documents a very personal and challenging phase of my life.


I was reintroduced to the holistic idea of energies around the darkest time of my life. I was in a huge existential crisis and caught in a deep depression, and I knew I needed help.

My feelings and their effects on my physical wellbeing weren't being taken seriously by my medical doctors, whose general diagnosis was "You’re too young and successful to have a depression."


The fear that I might have lost my intuition gave me the impulse to continue my search for help.

I took the alternative route, connecting with an alternative practitioner who looked at my being from a holistic spectrum, and together we started my journey to invite healing into my system. Energy work was a part of the therapy I received.

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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein

It took many moons, many ups and downs to vibe into my own frequency - in my own honest and authentic balance. But it was so worth it.

In 2018 I released my second studio album “Empty Sea”, which is my personal documentation and processing of this dark period.

When I moved to Berlin in the autumn of 2017, I decided to educate myself in energy healing, knowing that I wanted to be able to continue this practice. 

From that moment on I’ve been self-treating myself - at home, in almost every hotel room I slept in, and on the tour bus, too. 

I learned much about energy, about crystalline structures and embodying this knowledge. This helped me to understand and accept myself - it taught me to live with depression and my very unique constitution.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) and medium, I perceived the world differently from the moment I was born.

My senses give me the ability to work with, to channel and to translate energies and frequencies into information.

When the pandemic pushed us into a pause, I was able to fully reconnect with my essence and come into full contact with this gift. 

Now I cherish this ability and am ready to share it with you.


I sincerely thank my mentors, coaches and friends for their knowledge and trust:

Nicole Metzger, Ewelina Bubanja (Crystalline Sound Institute Berlin / Reiki School Berlin), Alexa Holzbrecher, Florencia Lamarca, Frances Naude, Angie Banicki and Kristina Sacken (Academy of Mediumship).

Everything IS energy, every thought is a frequency, and it can help to heal our body and mind. 


I'd love to hold space for you and introduce you to my way of sharing frequencies, to help your soul, your voice to shine your authentic light into our world.


Looking forward to meeting you,