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Music, Sound and Energies are much more powerful than mankind wants to imagine right now.

It's about the feeling when a frequency hits and enters your body and mind.

There will be a shift, there will be blockages that will loosen up.

This will be for the good. I'm grateful to own a voice to share my story with so much passion.

Photo: Lisa Carbone, 02/2022


You can find my compositions in my shop to download and use for your purposes. 

Each composition is infused and played with an intention to support your well being.

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I will intuitively hold space for you as an individual or as a group and create sound and frequencies for you.

The sessions will be composed by my three Crystal Bowls, my voice and rhythmic patterns.

You are invited to lie down, rest, listen and feel.

Many people will fall asleep, some will go on a visual journey and feel sensations in their body.

It's a very individual experience and will bring you exactly what you need and be ready to receive in this very moment.

A session can variate between 40 or 60 minutes, please let me know which length you prefer.

The session will take place at your chosen space. If this happens to be outside of Berlin, please be aware of an additional traveling fee.

Please reach out to for an inquiry.

You want to know where and
when the next
Sound Healing Sessions and Workshops
will take place?

Photo: Lisa Carbone, 02/2022


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The workshop was created with the intention to introduce and connect the audience with their unique gift: The voice.

We'll talk about the blessings, anatomy, theory and the breath. Raised awareness about the oppression and the judgement connected to the (verbal) expression of our being due to the system we‘re living in.

I'll use my intuitive knowledge as musician and psychic to help you unlock blockages and support you expressing your gift.

We will also look into the topic of Terlusollogie to find out more about your breathing type.

The workshop is 4hours and I advise to have a Sound Healing Session to integrate all information afterwards.

Please reach out to for an inquiry.


You are asked to share your intention with me. What is this sound file meant to invite to you. Ease, relaxation, dreams, perhaps love?

I will feel into your vibrance and translate what I receive into music that is meant to be with you.

The sound files will be compositions using my Crystal Bowls, my voice and eventually some rhythmic patterns.

The file will be of 40minutelength.

Photo: Lisa Carbone, 02/2022