"Sound is my Love Language.

Comprehensive by every being.

It will affect, touch and move you."


Photo: Lisa Carbone, Berlin 08/2021

My journey with music and sounds started earlier than I can think. My love for frequencies and expressing myself through my voice have always felt natural. I never had to question this passion and the importance of this for me and have sensed its importance for other people.

I was introduced to the holistic idea of energies around the darkest time of my life. I was in a huge crisis and caught in a deep depression and knew I needed help.

My feelings weren't taken serious by my medical doctors since "You are too young and too successful to have a depression."

Knowing that I know myself and my feelings better than my doctors did, I took the alternative route and found healing.

It took many moons, many ups and downs to vibe in my own frequency - in my own honest and authentic balance. It was so worth it.

Energy work was part of the therapy I received and I decided to educate myself and learn the practice when I moved to Berlin in Autumn 2017. 

I've been self treating myself - in my bed at home, in almost every hotel room I slept and on the tour bus, too. I learned much about energy, about crystalline structures and embodying this knowledge.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

When the pandemic pushed us into a pause I realized I wanted to contribute my learning to the collective.

My first instinct was re-reading a physic school book and I found one on the street, right in front of my house. I learned again about energies, frequencies and their impact

Further, I received my first official trainings in sound healing by the Crystalline Sound Institute Berlin. 

I became brave to show up and hold space for humans - and animals and I love doing this. 

Everything IS energy, every thought is a frequency and it can help to heal our body and mind. 

I'd love to hold space for you and introduce you to my way of sharing frequencies with you.

Looking forward meeting you,